As GCG students we seek an environment in which a diverse community can live together, interact, and learn from one another in ways that protect both personal freedom and college standards. For our diverse community to prosper, we must embrace our differences and be mindful of our varied perspectives and backgrounds; this goal is only possible if students seek mutual understanding by means of respectful communication. The Honor Code holds us accountable for our words and actions, and guides us in resolving conflicts by engaging each other in dialogue.

A student council consists of members that are elected by students in each grade level. The overall goal of the student council is to represent each grade and the students as a whole and provide leadership for the student body. A major duty of student council members is to provide a forum where other students can raise problems and questions about the school and its operations, and act as a liaison between the student body and faculty or administratio

n. If a student raises an issue with the student council, members are responsible for discussing the issue, making a recommendation, and bringing the problem and potential solutions to the school staff.

Student Council

Senior girls are given various prefectorial appointments in order to provide them with an opportunity to develop their leadership potential and inculcate in them a sense of justice, responsibility and devotion to duty. College Head Girl and House captains are elected from Class XII in August each year. The Head Girl and House Captains are elected through secret ballot, but the process of selection of candidates is rigorous, fair and transparent.

House System

The House System enables students to engage in useful pursuits and develop in them love and enthusiasm for sports and other activities. The names of the houses are:

  • Unity
  • Faith
  • Discipline
  • Tolerance

House captains, elected by the students play an important role in school activities. Each House has a House Mistress and an Assistant House Mistress to supervise, conduct and guide the students in all areas of their educational development.


All Co-Curricular activities are organized under the following societies and clubs:-

  • English Literary Society
  • English  Dramatic Society
  • English Debating Society
  • Urdu Literary Society
  • Urdu Debating Society
  • Urdu Dramatic Society
  • Islamic Society
  • Fine Arts/ H.Eco Society
  • Social Welfare Society
  • Social Service Society
  • Entertainment Society
  • Library Science. Society
  • Sports Club
  • Science Club
  • IT Club
  • Mental Health Society
  • Music Club
  • Commerce Club
  • Media Cell



  • Help college administration maintain discipline.
  • Check uniform of students.
  • Help the college administration in implementation of rules/policies.
  • Ensure that students follow all college rules.
  • Strengthen the student teacher relationship by building bridges.
  • Prompt arrival and dispersal for Assembly.
  • Timely dissemination of important messages to students.
  • Rotational morning and afternoon gate duties.
  • Ensure punctuality of bell ringing for changeover of periods.
  • Encourage students to participate in co curricular activities.
  • Inculcate in students the habit of keeping college premises clean.

Head Girl

  • The Head Girl is the lynchpin between students and faculty.
  • She has to ensure that her Council Members are the first ones to follow rules.
  • She must ensure that her Council works with loyalty, honesty and dedication.
  • She must remain in contact with the Class Reps periodically.
  • She must have a fortnightly meeting with the House Captains and a monthly meeting with all CRs for an update.


House Captains will:

  • Ensure prompt arrival of students to the assembly area.
  • Ensure discipline during assembly.
  • Check uniform as soon as students line up for assembly.

Head Girl will:

  • Monitor and supervise the process.
  • Give caution to students to stand at attention first for tilawat at assembly and then for the National Anthem.
  • Raise the slogan of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ to mark the end of assembly proceedings.

Mid Break

  • Each House Captain will be assigned block duty by the Head Girl.
  • House Captains will ensure that all students leave their classes during midbreak.
  • No eating in the classrooms, these are not to be treated as dining rooms.
  • Head Girl should ensure that all Council Members are performing the duties assigned to them.
  • Head Girl should take a round of the canteen area during midbreak.

Home Time

  • House Captains to perform rotational gate duties.
  • House Captains to ensure students stay inside the gate and well away from it.
  • Head Girl to ensure smooth functioning of all processes.

Organize events

The student council is often responsible for organizing events that promote school spirit and leadership, such as walks, competitions, welcome or farewell parties, or school carnivals. They must choose a date, find a location and discuss arrangements. For the event, they must recruit volunteers, set up the area, and run the event, ensuring that everything goes as planned and dealing with problems as they crop up.


To provide leadership for other students, members of a student council often participate in service projects. They might volunteer at a local community clean-up, sponsor college beautification efforts, or organize a social welfare drive at school to benefit charity organizations. It is up to council members to identify the area where they can be of the most help and to form a plan to serve other members of the community.