General Rules

General Rules

LGES rules regarding discipline, attendance and uniform will apply to the students of GCG in order to maintain a pleasant harmony in the institution amongst staff and Students. Therefore, students are expected to abide by the following:


  • All students must be present for morning assemble/ roll call.
  • Once in college, students are not allowed to miss classes/ lectures.
  • 75% attendance is compulsory for sending admission for board exam to FBISE.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the premises till college classes are over. However, in case of an emergency, only parents will be allowed to collect the students.


  • Leave will not be sanctioned without an application signed by the parentsotherwise it will be considered as absent and the student will be fined.
  • In case of illness, a medical certificate from a registered doctor or hospital should be attached along with the leave application.
  • Students will stand terminated from the college on account of 10 days absence without intimation/ permission as per LGES rules and will be re-admitted only after payment of fresh admission fee.


  • Students must come to college in proper uniform as prescribed by college authorities.
  • Black shoes with white socks must be worn by every student.
  • Shoes should be black leather shoes, no other type will be acceptable, especially lacy pumps.
  • Students should avoid wearing jewellery or fancy watches to college.


  • Students are issued ID cards which they are expected to wear to college daily.
  • In case of loss a new card may be obtained after payment of a fine of Rest. 500.
  • At the time of leaving college students are liable to deposit the ID Card with the College Office.


Students will be fined for breach in discipline at the following rates:

  • Late comers in the morning Rest. 50/- per day for every late arrival
  • Whole absence without leave Rest. 50/-
  • Absenting form class without permission Rest. 50/-
  • Absence from practical period Rest. 100/-
  • Leaving college without permission Rest. 50/-
  • Improper dress/uniform Rest. 50/- for every irregularity
  • Damage to college property Rest. 1000/- or on cost of property
  • Discipline cases i.e. scuffle, chatting etc. Rest. 1000/- on merit at the discretion of principle
  • Cell phones are NOT allowed, if found on a student the same will be confiscated and will not be returned.

Breach of any rule will be lead to strict disciplinary action by the college administration

Note: Fine will be collected through fee challan forms.